Area parents concerned after social media page devoted to school fights surfaces

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- It’s called ‘Fargo Fights.’ It’s an Instagram page with videos of your kids fighting in school and it's the latest trend invading your child's social media page.

What it does is it shows children in Fargo and West Fargo fighting on the way to school, at school and even on the way home from school. We're not able to show you the videos on this page because of copyright issues and because there's minors in the videos. But we wanted to give you an idea of what was on the page. There was a little over two dozen videos posted within a span of just a couple of hours. One of the videos even showed two young girls on a lunch table fighting with what appeared to be teachers and administrators surrounding them.

Over two dozen videos of kids and teens fighting in bathrooms, lunchrooms and school hallways. It’s something this father never dreamed he would have to deal with. Mohamed has a baby girl.

"If that was my daughter or my son and they put a fight in there, that would be very concerning to me," says Fargo Father, Mohamed Farah.

All of the posts on the page are kept private so you have to be accepted before viewing any of the videos. I was accepted to follow the page. The first video was posted only about 36 hours ago. The captions under each video, the names of the students fighting.

We've been trying to authenticate these videos happened in Fargo and West Fargo but weren't able to. So we brought what we found to the Fargo and West Fargo school districts. They told us they haven't heard of it and a short time later the videos disappeared. But now parents like Mohamed are worried pages and videos like these can take a harmful toll on kids and teens.

"I would be scared as a parent because if someone loses a fight real bad and they put it on Instagram who knows that might end up causing depression, anxiety and that person might end up hurting themselves. They might feel isolated because they feel embarrassed," says Farah.

Now to be clear, a new Instagram page has since been created and is still under the same name but is spelled a little differently. A student in Fargo tells us it appeared most of the followers on the previous page were Fargo and West Fargo students.

We asked an official with the Fargo Public School District if they keep track of the number of fights that happen there. Turns out, they don't. We also asked if fighting is a problem within the district, they say it's not an overarching issue. Adding they welcome information on any negative student interaction that occurred in school so they can follow up.

An official with West Fargo Public Schools also tells us in general, the district believes that administrators are made aware of any altercations that happen in the school building. They say this notification oftentimes happens by fellow students who want to ensure their school is a safe place to be.