Area couple saves malnourished dog found running on the side of the road

MOORHEAD, Minn. (Valley News Live)- It’s a story of being in the right place at the right time and for Trixie, it's a big deal. Trixie by the way is a dog. The other half of the right place, right time is a Moorhead couple who may have very well saved Trixie’s life.

Meet Trixie. She's a loving, energetic and affectionate two-year old dog. But just a couple weeks ago her life was much different.

"We were on our way to Dakota Magic Casino and just before we crossed the border into South Dakota, we saw this poor skinny little dog running down the road," says Moorhead Resident, Elaine Gaslin.

Tim and Elaine Gaslin pulled over to try and pick her up but it wasn't easy. Luckily though, they happened to have some stuff in their car that could help like dog treats and leashes.

"We didn't know about this ahead of time, we just carry those all the time because we have pets," says Gaslin.

Eventually they were able to round Trixie up but getting her in the car was another battle. She was so weak and exhausted she couldn't get in herself.

"They said we could definitely adopt her and so on the way back from the casino, we picked her up and now she's ours," says Gaslin.

But Trixie’s story doesn't end there. She needed to get a check-up from the vet.

"It had been evident that she had been crated extensively. The hairs rubbed off on her hips and she had soars all over her paws and lower legs," says Gaslin.

But other than a lot of ticks and being close to starvation, the Gaslins were given a clean bill of health and Trixie's story even inspired a young girl to help out.

"This little girl saw that story and she collected up money. She had a birthday, instead of getting gifts, she collected money. It was $170 she collected up to go towards Trixie," says Tim Gaslin.

And now the Gaslins are thanking their lucky stars for bringing them down that road that led them to Trixie. Additionally, they tell us the timing couldn't have been more perfect. One of their beloved dogs just passed away a short time before finding Trixie.

"We had talked about getting a companion for the dog we still had but we were thinking like six months later or something like that and then here we find this little girl running down the road. I think it was meant to be," says Gaslin.

When Trixie was brought to the West Fargo Animal Hospital they started her on a refeeding plan since she was emaciated and needed special food to gain weight back in a healthy way. Since then, Trixie has gotten more meat on her bones and she seems to be getting along very well with the Gaslin's other pets.