Area business stepping in to prevent bounce house dangers

Published: May. 16, 2019 at 10:52 PM CDT
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It’s a fun activity that most parents don't even think twice about but it can be dangerous when the winds start blowing. So a local business is stepping in to help.

Steve Dahl is a proud father of two. He has a six and four-year old and as you can imagine, they love playing.

Valley News Live: “Have they ever been inside one of those bouncy houses before?”

"O'h yeah, absolutely," says Fargo Father of two, Steve Dahl.

They’ve spent a good amount of time in bounce houses like at birthday parties. But there's been some cases recently of these bounce houses going airborne, some with children still inside.

"That's so crazy, the fact that you said there's kids inside too, that's bizarre," says Fargo Resident, Sophie Abraham.

But an area business wants to make sure that never happens here. They're offering free stakes for anyone who buys these houses at places like Walmart or Sam's Club.

"The problem that I see and what scares me with them is the stakes that are provided with those games are just small plastic stakes which aren't going to hold any amount of wind," says Games to Go Owner, Brian Bach.

Games to Go Owner Brian Bach tells us hes never heard of a bounce house flying away in the metro area but that doesn't mean it won't happen.

And for parents like Dahl they plan to keep letting their kids play in these bounce houses as long as they are staked down.

The Games to Go owner tells us if you buy a bounce house that comes with those plastic stakes to bring them in and they will give you four sturdy ones at no charge.