Are gender neutral baby names locally popular?

Published: Mar. 22, 2018 at 10:10 PM CDT
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Charlie, Skyler, Justice and Royal. Are these names for girls or boys?

Experts say gender neutral baby names are on the rise, but is that the case here in the Valley?

"Well I think gender is a social construct to start out with," says Anna Dean, Fargo mother.

Dean is a mother of one and loves the idea of gender neutral names.

"Names are just a name and I think the meaning behind it and what it means to you is way more important than the gender behind it," Dean adds.

She named her son Christopher, but Chris is sometimes used for girls as well.

Local father, Steve Anglin, says he wouldn’t be opposed.

"We did traditional names for our daughters, but I would be open to the idea," Anglin explains.

According to CBS News, gender neutral baby names are on the rise. While this may be the case across the nation, the trend hasn’t seemed to have caught on here in the F-M area.

Sanford released a list of their top boy and girl baby names in 2017. Most of those names didn’t fall under the gender neutral category. Emma, Lillian, Abigail, Nora and Harper were the most popular for baby girls. While Jackson, Grayson, Henry, Liam and Theodore ranked highest for the boys.

Charlie, however, ranked 50-50 for either girls or boys across the US, according to a study done by Nameberry.

While name-watcher’s say these gender neutral names haven’t taken the top spots in popularity, those names are beginning to be favored more and more.

"I just think people are more open to things, you know. A little bit less rigid," Anglin summarizes.