"Antiques Roadshow" makes its first stop in Fargo area

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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) There was a long line at Bonanzaville Saturday as a nationally televised show was in town.

The “Antiques Roadshow” was in West Fargo filming one of its episodes.

More than 2,000 people were randomly given tickets and a total of 3,000 people attended.

Nearly 6,000 items were expected to be appraised ranging from paintings and furniture to photos and toys.

The “Antiques Roadshow” airs on PBS, where they travel around the country appraising people’s most treasured items.

“We've never shot in any venue as extraordinary as Bonanzaville. This is as unique as it gets,” Nicholas “Nico” Lowry, an appraiser, said. “My colleagues at the end of the row who are shooting in front of the hearse are a little bit upset. But I got the ice cream truck behind me and all of Main Street. I mean this is a treat.”

Locally, the show is broadcast on Prairie Public Broadcasting.

The three episodes from the Fargo area will be airing next year during season 24 and this was the show’s first stop in the area.