Antibody testing and donating convalescent plasma

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)-- With COVID on the rise, the option for antibody testing is boosting confidence that people have some level of immunity and aren't likely to spread the virus.

Still, doctors say it's not a superpower.

"If you are positive for antibodies, you don't want to take that as immunity," Doctor Susan Mathison with the Catalyst Medical Center in Fargo says. "You still need to be careful and follow CDC guidelines."

To get a test at the Catalyst, you'll have to go through a screening process.

They'll want to know if you've had COVID, if you've come in contact with someone who has or if you've experienced COVID-like symptoms.

Some insurances cover the cost, which can range between $50-$90.

"It might be helpful to know your antibody status if you are interested in donating plasma," Doctor Mathison says. " Convalescent plasma is one of the treatments for COVID infection."

If you're recovering from COVID, it might be time to pay it forward and help someone else battling the virus.

"It gives them an extra boost, a fighting power against COVID-19," Vitalant Marketing and Communications Manager Tesia Hummer says.

She says the donation at Vitalant could be the difference between life and death.

You won't be paid for donating your plasma at this blood bank.

"If you are being paid for your donation, that can't be transfused to a person," Hummer says. "That is an FDA regulation."

She says if you want to be paid, you'll have to give at a plasma center.
Where your donation will go toward research purposes to help battle COVID.