Anti-vaxxers are now influencing their pets health

Published: Apr. 18, 2019 at 4:28 PM CDT
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The discussion on not vaccinating your child is now taking a new turn to your pet.

Some anti-vaxxers believe the rabies vaccine is dangerous.

But North Dakota and Moorhead have laws about getting a rabies shot for your pet.

"I get vaccinated, our pets get vaccinated," says Tor Kartenson, pet owner.

"It's also the safety for others and other pets. Although you may not personally agree with it, just keeping other people and other pets safe is really important," says Elizabeth Huot, pet owner.

Animal Health Clinic says it's a simple thing to do to keep your furry friends and others healthy.

"The benefits of vaccination greatly outweigh the risks associated with it. If you don't choose to vaccinate, that's a risk you're willing to take," says Heather Mitchell, Animal Health Clinic Vet.

Mitchell says getting a quick poke is definitely worth it and they try to make the time at the vets office as quick and easy as they can.

"We offer distractions, we offer treats, we accommodate the animal. If they don't like to be on the table then we will vaccinate them on the floor," says Mitchell.

Mitchell says the clinic does offer an evaluating antibody titer, which is another option rather then getting a shot.

This titer is a test that sees if your pet has a protective amount of immune cells in their body, to see if he or she is protected or susceptible to a disease.

Animal Health Clinic also says no vaccine is 100% effective, but it's better than not getting one.

They also say not vaccinating your pet could harm them or it could be fatal.