Anti Bullying Facebook Group

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Jamestown, N.D. (Valley News Live) Amanda Stinson is the proud mother of 3 beautiful girls: Dezi, Clara, and her oldest, Izzy.

But behind the smiles in their family photos, there was an underlying issue. Izzy was being bullied at school.

"I just felt so alone," recalled Stinson.

She reached out on Facebook to see if others were going through the same thing.

"The response was overwhelming. I got like 36 comments the next day," said Stinson. "It inspired me to start this group on Facebook where parents could join the group and discuss what they were struggling with in school, get suggestions from other parents, find resources that were working for other parents, contacts..."

The group, titled "Coalition of Parents Against Bullying in ND Public Schools", grew quickly and now has nearly 40 members.

"It's bigger than I expected and that makes me really happy because I feel like that makes it effective," said Leah Watson, Stinson's friend, and an admin of the Facebook group. "If we can't stop the bullying, we would really like to find creative, effective, and healthy ways to help deal with it on the parent to parent level."

In the group, parents have shared their unique experiences.

"It is heartbreaking on so many levels," said Watson. "These children deserve better than to be treated the way they are being treated."

The women hope to reach the attention of Jamestown Public Schools, where both their daughters went, to find solutions.

"It's not an attack, but maybe we can work in a coalition with the school to find a better way to deal with special needs students especially, who don't understand," said Watson.

"When the problem is this big, I don't want to make things better just for my daughter," added Stinson. "I want to make things better for everyone's students."

The Facebook group is open for anyone to join, you're only asked to stay respectful of everyone and their unique story.