Another 'God the Mother' trafficking scare hits the Valley

Published: Mar. 25, 2019 at 6:25 PM CDT
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A viral tweet is alarming women in the Valley because it claims an F-M sex trafficking ring is posing as a church. And it's not the first time a scare like this has hit social media feeds in the area.

"You never know who's actually wanting to talk with you about this and who's just using that as an excuse to get women to go with them," Esmeralda Mendoza said.

She was coming home from a run Sunday evening when Mendoza was stopped dead in her tracks.

"They just stopped right in front of me and they were asking if I knew about god the mother and immediately, before they even approached me, I knew. I didn't have a good feeling," Mendoza said.

She says the two older women wanted to talk with her about the bible, but says her gut told her otherwise.

"If they would have approached me with a bible or some sort of flyer to back up that they're actually wanting to have a conversation about this, I would have believed them," Mendoza said.

Feeling trapped and uncomfortable, the women then asked if Mendoza wanted to come with them to bible study.

"That was just a red flag immediately. Why would you want me to leave right away, you don't even know who I am? You didn't even ask for my name right away? I don't know," Mendoza said.

She adds that her eerie feeling only got worse once she got inside.

"I googled 'god the mother' and the first three articles said it's a sex trafficking mission and to stay away," she said.

However, we did some digging and found there's no connection to sex trafficking.

The women outside of Mendoza's apartment belong to the local 'Church of God' ministry, and have been seen several places in the Valley trying to share their message and gain new members.

"It didn't feel right. It was just very unprofessional I feel if you're actually going to talk about God," Mendoza said.

Mendoza adds that she thinks the women should change their preaching practices so something like this doesn't happen again.

Officials from the Church of God did not have any comment today.

If you're still concerned about the possibility of traffickers, the local Human Trafficking Task Force advises you to keep your eyes out for the following...

-The boyfriend perpetrator is one who tries to lure in young and vulnerable girls, promising gifts and money.

-Always make sure you're with someone, especially if you're intoxicated.

-And watch out for job offers that seem too good to be true