An Iraqi man speaks out about ISIS treatment of Yazidi people

Published: Oct. 20, 2016 at 10:23 PM CDT
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An Iraqi man is speaking out to the FM community about the horrors occurring in his homeland.

Ezzat Haider, his wife and children fled the the country right before the Yazidi genocide.

Ezzat Haider is currently here in Fargo, N.D. but two years ago, he was living in Iraq with his wife and children when they decided to leave escaping just before ISIS attacked his hometown and his family that remained there.

"They took everything from us so it's as we're starting from zero in life."

Half a million Yazidi people are fleeing their homes in search of safety now living in tents in northern Iraq.

If ISIS captures you, men are rounded up and killed, women are forced into sex trafficking and children become soldiers in their army.

"The neglected people, if we're talking about the oppressive people, if we talk about violence happening to people, Yaziti people are the best example of that so there's no life for Yaziti over there."

Hayder explains that history is directly responsible for the formation of ISIS from Saddam Hussein being taken out then a power struggle in the country, but he believes Iraq will be beautiful again in time.

"It's a dark cloud in Iraq. It will be gone, but no country tried to be a democratic country in a matter of one moment. If we look at the history of other countries everybody suffers."

Peter Schott the organizer of the International Potluck series hopes that by Ezzat Haider speaking to the Fargo-Moorhead community there will be a new understanding of what is happening on the other side of the world.

"You know a lot of people aren't familiar with it so it really brings a humanity into these other cultures you hear about. You hear people talk about Syrian immigrants, Muslims or different groups and you tend to dehumanize them when you don't have that personal connection," says Schott.

"If you're not from Iraq especially if you're from the west, the first thing coming to mind is terrorist, blowing up or stuff like that, but there are places in Iraq that are like a paradise," adds Haider.

Getting past the dark cloud that is Iraq today and having hope for a brighter and better future.