All the kids are going back to school, now what?

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- Just like that, another summer is coming to an end and school is beginning. This time of year could mean a change in your schedule.
The question is, what's going to be different? Many moms say they're excited for this time of year.

Tammy Held and her daughter Lilly are soaking up their last days of summer.

"I'm excited to meet new friends and have new things to do in school," said Lilly.

This will be her first year of middle school.

"Well, I'm excited for her to start middle school, she's not excited," said Tammy Held from Fargo.

Tammy says her schedule won't be that different when school starts.

"I work 8-5, so it doesn't affect me in any kind of away," said Held.

Other moms say they're excited to breathe.

"Moms are ready for the break when they get their kids back in school and for the change and I think any mom, whether they're working or at home, there's plenty to do," said mother, Sarah Holston.

Holston says she is going to be much busier than now.

"I just get myself up and get myself ready, and I'm out the door," said Holston. "It's quick, but now it'll be getting three kids ready, making sure they have their backpacks, homework."

Other families say they're excited to have adult time finally.

"We go shopping; we like to go to garage sales and to antique stores," said Held. "We take trips."

She says she likes going out and experiencing events in Fargo.

The families we spoke with say there's a little bit more time before going back to school and they say it's important to go outside and enjoy the weather while you can.