After Wadena County dog shot, local shelter reminds to bring unwanted animals to them instead

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 4:41 PM CST
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After a dog ended up at a woman's door with a gun shot wound, the Wadena Humane Society is reminding pet owners to bring animals to them before taking matters into your own hands.

"This is a special case where she's very lucky that she gets this opportunity to get a second chance at life," shelter manager Becky Costner said.

Costner says she got the call for a bloody, 3-year-old Mastiff-Boxer mix around nine Monday night.

"When she came in she was in really, really good spirits," Costner said.

Costner says while they never want to put animals down, they do have to consider what's best, and consulted Elise's future with two local vets.

"Both vets said that she was very stable at that time. She was very lucky that the shot basically was a superficial shot," she said.

Costner says the bullet only grazed Elise's shoulder and exited through her ear. And while it is a miracle, she also says the shelter doesn't see many cases of shot, but surviving dogs.

"We see more of, 'If you don't take this dog, I'll just take it out back and shoot it. The bullet is cheaper,'" Costner said.

Costner says because of this, the shelter started their 'Don't Shoot the Dog' campaign a few years ago. It raises money for their $25 surrender fee to help those getting rid of an animal who either don't want to, or can't pay the fee.

"We want to be a resource to everybody so every dog has an option to find a new home," she said.

Costner also says she hopes Elise's story is a learning lesson for other pet owners to know they have other options. She also says the shelter is a place for people before they get to the point of taking matters into their own hands, as the shelter offers a variety of services for pets with behavioral or medical problems.

"We're not just the place where we take your unwanted animal, we want to be a community resource for everybody," Costner said.

Costner says Elise will spend the night at a local vet and soon will start the healing process in a foster home until she is finally ready for adoption.

If you'd like to donate to the shelter's 'Don't Shoot the Dog' campaign:

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