A small dog may be lost at the Minnesota Zoo

APPLE VALLEY, Minn. (KARE)- Visitors to the Minnesota Zoo this week could see a slightly more domestic animal than they were expecting.

The Minnesota Zoo has confirmed that a lost dog may have made its way onto the property.

Zoo spokesperson Zach Nugent says that over the weekend, they were notified that a small Sheltie may have found its way into the zoo. The zoo's Health and Safety Department is working with a group of volunteers called The Retrievers, along with the owner, to find the dog.

That group has been going over the zoo property and setting up trail cameras to find the missing pup.

Nugent says Tuesday morning and other times over the last few days, the dog was spotted near the east entrance.

"We are hoping, with the help of The Retrievers, the dog will be reunited with its family soon," Nugent says.

The zoo is about 500 acres and is adjacent to Lebanon Hills, so there are a lot of places for the dog to roam. The zoo says the dog is not in any danger and would not have access to "dangerous animal" areas. The owner has told the zoo that the dog is skittish and will not approach people.