A second opinions could save your life

Published: May. 17, 2017 at 10:10 PM CDT
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Should you get a second opinion after being diagnosed with a complex illness?

Just last month research from the mayo clinic said yes because, often times, the first ones are usually wrong.

The Rochester Mayo Clinic found as many as 88% of patients who came to the clinic for a second opinion left with a new or more refined diagnosis.

The study looked at nearly 300 patients.

"These were second opinions that were requested by primary care providers, either physicians assistants, nurse practitioners or primary care physicians. And so to me that really says the medical community is working the way it should," says Dr. James Volk, Sanford Clinic's vice president.

Dr. Volk says medicine is a team sport and they consult other doctors to make sure they are making the best diagnosis. It may seem awkward to ask your doctor for a Second opinion referral, but that is something you can request.

" There is no reason at all we should be offended and the vast majority of physicians will not be," says Dr. Volk.

Volk suggests that people consult with their doctors because they can help ease the path on where to go.

"It is a complex system that we have in medicine and we can provide them the best value that they can get out of an additional visit," continued Volk.

Remember if you plan to see another doctor, make sure you get a copy of your medical records and test results.