A Wish Fulfilled: The Solbergs set sail on a Disney cruise

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - For the Solberg family, surprises aren't always good.

"We were just kind of skating along, for a good nine or ten months where there were really no changes and he was stable and we just kind of found out that it started to act up again - which is kind of what we were afraid of," says Travis Solberg.

11-year old Landon has been battling brain cancer for more than a year now. After rounds of chemo, his family thought the hardest days were behind them - but new tests show his tumor has grown 20% since November.

"We've kind of had a lot of stress on how he's doing. We had MRI imaging done, and there was progression of the tumor," Solberg says.

Thursday night though, the family was treated to a different kind of surprise. Make-A-Wish surprised Landon and his family - revealing his wish was coming true. The family will set sail on a Disney cruise later this month.

"I'm really excited, because I've never been on a cruise before," says Landon.

The Solberg's say the experience will help the whole family heal the mental and emotional wounds cancer has created and enjoy time together as a family.

"Most of us can't even fathom what him and his family have been doing the last year - I know it's taken a toll on their family and it's just amazing to see that they get to take a break," says Samantha Hanten, a Volunteer with Make-A-Wish.

"For us, it's a chance to get away and have the whole family get away and spend some time and really forget about the struggles at home and the challenges that are going to be coming," Solberg says.

And hopefully they can pick up a few more good surprises on the trip.

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