Woman celebrates 105th birthday with family, friends at favorite store

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- Marie Lynn blew out the candles Friday to celebrate her 105th birthday, surrounded by family and friends at Sam's Club, a store that holds a special place in her heart.

"Everybody knows her," said Tim Potesta, manager at the Sam's Club in Clarksburg, West Virginia. "When she comes in, everybody stops and talks to her. She's an icon here at Sam's Club, I can tell you that."

Lynn has been shopping at the store for several years. The fact that she's forged lasting friendships with employees doesn't surprise her sons one bit.

"She'll talk to anyone," David Quickle, one of her sons, explained. "Every place we've ever lived, all of the people around have just loved her, because she was just that way."

Family and friends describe Lynn as an affable and independent person who's always smiling.

"I love everybody," Lynn said, sporting a wide smile.

Five years ago, the employees with Taste & Tips, a vendor associated with Sam's Club, learned that Lynn was about to turn 100. They decided to throw her a surprise party.

"And since then, it's been a yearly thing now," said Ashley Moats, Advanced Solutions Supervisor with Taste & Tips. She's known Lynn for seven years.

"She comes, her family comes, we have cake and coffee, and we all sit down and enjoy ourselves," Moats said.

And as they celebrated, family and friends reflected on how Lynn, a lifelong West Virginian, has persevered in the face of adversity.

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