Valley Today App of the Week: Fit Brains Trainer

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) Fit Brains Trainer is an award winning personalized brain training program.

We checked out the free version of the app which has about 70 games and 500 workout sessions.

When you first log in you answer a few simple questions about your brain training goals, the makers say they use your answers to design a personalized training plan. It only takes a couple of minutes before you get to your first training session.

Fit Brains Trainer claims to help you build 'brain reserves' to maximize cognitive performance and health by targeting areas of the brain like speed of thinking, memory and problem solving.

After just a week of workouts it's hard to say if the app is really improving our brains, but it has been named among Apple's best of the year and is rated 4 and half stars.

Overall the games are fun and it's set up to only take a few minutes a day, in fact in the free version you are pretty much limited to your daily training session. If you want to play on your own you have to pay for their premium service.