Valley News Live Beats WDAY/WDAZ at 10pm, 5pm, 6pm, 5am and 6am in May Nielsen Ratings!

By Jim Wareham, Vice President and General Manager of Valley News Live.

I want to thank all of our loyal viewers for making us the number one television news station in the valley!

I am so very proud of our team at Valley News Live for delivering incredible content and great story telling on a consistent basis. It shows. In the just released May 2015 Nielsen Ratings, Valley News Live dominated the competition in all key demographics throughout the entire day, Monday thru Friday.

Below are the charts, in the same formats, and the same demographics that I have posted over the last couple of years. It is apples to apples. The demographics of age groups 18-49 and 25-54, broken out adults, women and men, are so very important. These six advertising demographics represent the demographics that over 95% of television advertisers use in deciding where to advertise and how much to pay for a commercial. This is very important to a station as this is how the station makes money to pay our bills, give our team members raises and benefits and for us to invest in new technology for the future.

A demographic rating represents the percentage of that demographic that is available in our television market, regardless if they are watching television, working, sleeping, etc. A 3 rating in Women 25-54, means that 3 percent of all women living (not just watching) in the Fargo Television market are watching that program.

By request, I have added the Adults 55+ ratings, so our readers can see how the older demographic (I am one of these) stacks up in the scheme of things. Unfortunately, Madison Avenue does not see much value in us, but that is just the way the business is.

Also by request I have added the total number of homes reached in thousands (000’s) which could equate to a circulation number that some folks seem easier to digest.

Also in this report, I added some entertainment shows. The 9am talk shows and the afternoon talk and game shows get a lot of interest, and this time the late evening talk shows had a lot of interest because of David Letterman retiring.

10pm ratings

Valley News Live at 10pm dominated the late news winning every key demographic and total homes watching. Congratulations to our producing and production team and of course to Mike Morken, Stephanie Goetz, Hutch Johnson and Beth Hoole and our reporting staff for a job well done!

5am to 6am / 6am to 7am

Lisa Budeau, Kyle Bosch, Mick Kjar, Kristi Larson and Al Aamodt just dominate early morning news in every demographic and in total homes. Special shout outs to producers David Kline, Haley Foster and to the person that has the toughest job at Valley News Live (in my opinion), Valley Today producer Julie Holgate who comes in at 11pm the night before and works all night so we have the latest and freshest content in the morning.

Congratulations to the staff of North Dakota Today who have held and grown most of the demographics with our home grown lifestyle show that focuses on Valley personalities and experts. Andrea Larson and Chris Berg make such excellent hosts with great chemistry. Danielle Barber, the North Dakota Today producer has done a great job of finding and coordinating local guests and gives our totally locally focused show an interesting mix of guests. Although we don’t win outright against our New York based national competition, we are very competitive, growing, while they are trending down. North Dakota Today is just coming up on its 2nd birthday, and in the television business for a local show that is so young to be so competitive is truly an accomplishment.


Congratulations to Stephanie Goetz and Hutch Johnson, the dynamic duo at 5pm who have held that spot for years against every combination the competitor could muster. Stephanie and Hutch win every key demographic. Also a shout out to Jenna Weinberger, the 5pm and 5:30pm producer, for producing a good newscast with a lot of breaking stories, as well as stories unique to Valley News Live.

Congratulations to Andrea Larson and Robert Hahn for growing our numbers at 5:30 on KX4.

Mike Morken and Stephanie Goetz along with Hutch Johnson and Beth Hoole win 5 key demographics and tie 1 key demographic at 6pm. This time period has been a tough fought battle for some time, but congratulations to our team with year to year growth while our competition has declined. Credit good producing from Renee Nygren with lots of Breaking News and stories that can only be found on Valley News Live

4pm, 5pm Jeopardy

In the battle of the Doctors, Phil beats OZ, and Alex Trebek beats them all.

Jimmy Fallon wins the Jimmy contest and David Letterman saved his highest ratings for KXJB in years for his final days.

The Valley News Live weekend newscasts lead by Krista Boehm, Lisa Green and Alex Egan showed good growth from year to year. The broadcasts remain fiercely competitive especially in the 10pm timeslot on both Saturday and Sunday.

Superior and engaging content is what drives the team at Valley News Live. That content is cultivated by a dedicated group of reporters and photographers including Kristi Larson, Ashley Bishop, Bradford Arick, Nicole Johnson, Neil Carlson, Krista Boehm, Maecy Enger, Mitch Lee and Sam Jones.

The Valley News Live team is lead by the experienced management team of News Director Ike Walker, Assistant News Director Gretchen Hjelmstad, Assignment Manager Al Aamodt and Chief Photographer Dave Erickson. Together they form a team with over 85 years of broadcast news experience between them.

I also want to congratulate the many folks who work behind the scenes as directors, audio, graphics, and camera, way too many to mention and all the other support people at Valley News Live like our engineering and advertising departments who do important jobs, but don’t get the glamour of the news department.

And most of all, Thank You, all of our viewers over the air, on line, or on the go who trust Valley News Live as your source of local news, sports and weather. None of this would be possible if not for your trust and loyalty!