Valley Today App of the Week: Canary

This week we checked out Canary a teen safety app designed to stop distracted driving.

You install Canary on your child's phone and it uses the GPS to track where they are, how fast they're going and if they're using their phone.

Canary will send you alerts if your teen uses the phone while driving, goes faster than a speed limit you set, travels to area's that you mark as "off-limits" or even if they don't get home before curfew.

Unlike some similar apps Canary will not disable your teen's phone or alter its use in any way. Instead it notifies you of each dangerous activity so that you can choose how to address it with your teen.

We did find Canary has a couple of issues when used on an iPhone.

Because of Apple security restrictions Canary can't detect if your child sends a text, only when they unlock their phone.

It also can't auto reply to text messages sent to your teen's iPhone. Both features do work on android phones.

Like several of the GPS based apps we've talked about lately Canary can also drain your battery so they recommend people keep it connected to a charger when they're in the car.

Overall we liked Canary, and our tests proved it works. Canary is free to download and availible for Apple and Android.