Valley Today App of the Week: Pandora

This week we checked out the popular music streaming app Pandora.

Pandora has been around since 2008, it was one of the first ever apps for the iPhone and has been downloaded by millions of people.

If you haven't used Pandora in awhile, or it's new to you, it got a pretty big update a few months ago.

Here are basics. Pandora is basically a radio for your phone, you can create your own stations based on your favorite artist or genre or choose from the hundreds that come with the app.

Among the changes from the recent update, enhanced notification features and new personalization controls. They work well and let you give a thumbs up or thumbs down to songs that show up.

Overall we like Pandora and know many people who use it.

You can download Pandora for free on Apple and Android, but the free version will serve up a lot of ads.

If you want nothing but music you can sign up for the pay service Pandora One.