911 calls obtained of deadly crash at Hawley Airport

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HAWLEY, Minn. (Valley News Live) A 911 recording details the calls between emergency responders after a specialized aircraft crashed in Clay County.

The pilot and lone occupant of the gyrocopter died in the crash, according to Sheriff Mark Emptying.

The call sounded like chaos as emergency responders drove to the aircraft crash Thursday at Hawley Airport along Highway 10.

“Just in case we got multiple injuries with this plane crash, don't know how many we got to deal with,” dispatch said.

It was a Clay County deputy who first arrived at the crash site a few minutes after noon.

Within minutes, several agencies were dispatched to the scene.

“We have a report of an airport crash or an aircraft crash by Hawley Airport. There’s someone possibly in the plane it's on fire. We’re getting multiple phone calls.”

The craft would later be identified as a gyrocopter, which’s like a small helicopter usually operated by one person.

During radio communication, emergency responders talked about how response times for other calls were slightly impacted because of the number of resources devoted to the crash.

“You can cancel the emergency...we have one patient who is DOA, we have one other bystander who has some slight burns to his hands that he received from pulling the victim out,” a dispatcher said.

Although injured, that individual did not require medical attention at a hospital.

A family member who arrived on scene told Valley News Live the victim flew a gyrocopter as a hobby.

A federal investigator is expected to arrive at the crash site Friday.