Flooded roads impact mail deliveries, farmers and emergency crews in rural Barnes County

LITCHVILLE, N.D. (KVLY) The fall flood fight continues in rural Barnes County.

As water now covers many roads, the post office in Litchville announced it would only be delivering mail to some of their routes two or three times a week.

"Two days ago this water wasn't here," Litchville farmer, Pat Hurley said while driving around Tuesday afternoon.

With saturated grounds and full sloughs and culverts, there's only one place left for the water to go.

And those flooded roads have caused others to be leery of traveling on the sopping wet gravel.

"Once you start making ruts in them, then you get water sitting in them and they just get wetter and pretty soon you got a big mud hole in the road. Makes it tough," Hurley said.

For another Litchville farmer, Clarence VanBruggen, this is a fall of many firsts.

"I'm 78 years old and I've never seen water like we've got around here now. What I have to harvest has got to follow a prairie road and that's under water so that's making it tough," VanBruggen said.

As most farmers still have about 70 percent of their crops still in the ground, VanBruggen says most won't get back in the fields until it freezes.

"It's gonna be a long harvest I'm afraid," he said.

However, Hurley says beyond harvest and mail delivery, he's worried about potential emergency situations.

"So that's blocked off for anybody needing an ambulance, needs a fire truck, they just can't go through there," Hurley said.

With zero room for any more moisture, most are hoping for an early freeze and say they're praying for better farming next year.

"We're always optimistic, you gotta keep rocking. Just the way it is," Hurley said.