Apparent tornado leaves path of destruction in Sioux Falls, SD

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY/Gray News) - Authorities said a strong storm didn’t appear to result any deaths or serious injuries, but it did leave dozens of buildings damaged or destroyed, KSFY reported.

Video shows damage following a tornado in Sioux Falls. (KSFY)

Mayor Paul TenHaken says there have been a few minor injuries reported, but none were serious.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Todd Heitkamp called the storm a “nightmarish situation.” He said one confirmed tornado touched down, though he said it is possible more than one hit. NWS teams will be out Tuesday to assess. Heitkamp said likely most of the damage was caused by straight line winds.

Director of Public Works Mark Cotter said said so far, the city has confirmed 37 structures collapsed or had structural issues due to the storm.

TenHaken said there were some issues with the city’s siren system. He said not all sirens were activated during the warning, which he called a “breach of city protocol.” He said the city “owning up” to the issue, and is investigating what caused it. Heitkamp specified that those sirens are only meant to be heard outside, and people inside should rely on other measures.

The city has created a map showing the latest storm damage problems around town. You can see it here.

Among the buildings damaged are Avera Heart Hospital and an Advanced Auto Parts store.

The Sioux Falls School delayed the start of classes Wednesday two hours as crews worked to clear debris from city streets.

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