Is CBD legal? It depends who you ask

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) Two stores offering a variety of CBD, Cannabidiol, products are set to open in the Valley in the next few weeks, one in East Grand Forks and another in Moorhead. However, this news has only opened the door for dozens of questions about who can buy and sell CBD and what the law says.

However, Valley News Live discovered it's not as cut and dry as it seems.

According to North Dakota Century Code, marijuana products are illegal unless they come from the stalks or their fiber, or their seed oil or cakes.

"What does that statute mean? It's impossible to determine because on one hand it says it's legal if it comes from the seed, but you can't have THC from the seed. But you can, but you can't. So it's a mess," Legalize ND Chairman David Owen said.

We also talked with Fargo Police today who say you could be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor for buying or selling CBD, unless you have a medical marijuana card.

However, Fargo Police also say they don't actively seek out stores who sell CBD products. Police add that if they learn of one, they go to that business, educate them on the law, tell them to stop their CBD sales and check back in a few weeks.

But here's where it gets tricky...

According to the DEA, thanks to the Farm Bill, CBD is no longer illegal to possess if it has less than 0.3% of THC in it.

But on top of that, CBD oil is almost completely unregulated; Making it hard to know what you're even getting.

"So, this is one for the courts. I mean, it's a mess!" Owen said.

This all only adds a big question mark as to where CBD officially stands in North Dakota.