Harvest Hall building partially collapses at Red River Valley Fairgrounds

WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Engineers are trying to determine the stability of one of the main buildings on the Red River Valley Fairgrounds.

The middle section of the roof on Harvest Hall collapsed late Friday afternoon.

The building, according to the Fair Association's General Manager Bryan Schulz, is used mainly as winter storage for cars.

Schulz says there are roughly 67 vehicles inside Harvest Hall.
Schulz says a campground manager who lives on the grounds noticed the collapse. He says there are 27 buildings on the fairgrounds.

Schulz adds, crews were removing snow from the roofs today and had been working on the building next to Harvest Hall.

Rory Jorgensen is the West Fargo Rural Fire Chief.
He say, "From what I see the whole building will have to come down. There's significant damage. It's still standing but once a building is compromised, nobody will let you rebuild. You have to start over."

Fair staff are calling all the vehicle owners to let them know what happened.

Schulz is asking people not to come out to the fairgrounds, saying the building is unstable and dangerous. He says their security team will turn people away.
During the Red River Valley Fair, Harvest Hall is used for arts and crafts exhibits.

Fire crews are on the scene of a partial building collapse in West Fargo.
They responded to the Harvest Hall building.

Fair officials say they believe it happened about 4:30 this afternoon on the south side of Harvest Hall. They say that building is a "pole barn system building"... and they are not letting anyone near it for fear it might collapse.

Firefighters have called in a structural engineer to assess the building.

Earlier we were told crews were working to shut off the utilities to that building... and that no one was trapped or injured.

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