Fargo man charged in sex crime

A Fargo man is charged with a AA felony of gross sexual imposition after allegedly having sex and impregnating a 14-year-old in July 2018.

Court documents say the victim and her mother came to stay with relatives in Fargo at 5345 30th Ave. S #210 on July 27, 2018. When the victim and her mother got back to their home in New York, it was discovered that the victim was pregnant.

The victim told N.Y. Detectives and hospital staff that her cousin, 21-year-old MacKenzy Bazile was responsible for her pregnancy.

The victim later gave birth to a baby boy and N.Y. police took swabs from both the baby, the victim and Bazile in order for a paternity test to be made.

The testing showed that Bazile is over 411 billion times more likely to be the biological father than a randomly selected male.

There is currently a warrant out for Bazile's arrest.