Trump says he has 'no idea' if deal can be made with Pelosi on partial government shutdown

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump is pushing back against the idea that he doesn't have a strategy to end the partial government shutdown, now into its fourth week.

At the same time he's not saying what his strategy is.

Trump tells Fox News' Jeanine Pirro that he has "no idea" whether he can get a deal with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who opposes spending money on what she calls an "ineffective, wasteful wall" along the U.S. southern border. Funding for the border wall remains the sticking point in passing budgets to reopen the government.

Trump continues to hold out the possibility he will declare a national emergency to build the wall without congressional approval. Asked why he hasn't, he tells Fox News that he's giving Congress a chance to "act responsibly."

Meanwhile a new poll released Sunday by ABC News and the Washington post find that while most people hold the president and republicans accountable for the shutdown over democrats (53% to 29%), 82% of respondents said they had not been inconvenienced by the shutdown. The same poll also showed support for a wall along the border with Mexico had risen 8% in the last year.