Fargo man with 5 felonies helping rebuild lives

Published: Jan. 6, 2017 at 6:46 PM CST
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A Fargo man is trying new things to help those in jail live a successful life when they get out.

Adam Martin, a five time felon has turned into the founder of a non-profit. The goal is to help people in the community get out of jail and stay out of jail. "Three years ago I was homeless, stayed at all the homeless shelters, went through all the treatment centers here.” Says Martin. “Been to the Cass County Jail, the Clay County Jail, been to every institution that's available to a guy like me probably for the last 15 years until three years ago."

Martin begins his story with his felonies, the time he spent behind bars, and his struggles with addiction. "Once you get into the system it's very hard to get out," he says.

Martin now has a job, a place to live, and a car. He's successfully transitioned back into society, and that's what he wants for others. "There's 300 inmates in Cass County right now, 40% of those people are going to go back within a year.” Says Martin. “That only counts jail, that's not counting homeless shelters, treatment centers, detox units."

Recently he began speaking about his journey, which turned into a non-profit where he, and other volunteers go into the Cass County Jail and talk to inmates about rebuilding their lives. "And then it just took off,” he says. “Guys were getting jobs, getting housing, staying sober."

Martin says when inmates successfully transition the whole community benefits. "The more we keep these guys out of homeless shelters, and out of detoxes and treatment centers and jails, the more money it's going to save the community.”