4th graders send young Bison fan at Mayo Clinic patient a message

(KTTC) After a 4th-grade classroom at Gage Elementary heard about 10-year-old Landon Solberg's medical journey, the students wrote him letters hoping to send light and encouragement his way.

Solberg's medical team at Mayo Clinic performed a biopsy today to confirm their suspicions of a diffuse midline glioma. The North Dakota family says Landon will begin proton radiation treatment five times a week for six weeks at Mayo.

"We talked about [Landon] his emotions and how it was sad he was away from his friends, and the kids then, it all kinda just came organically out of our conversation that they right away knew they should do something," said Kim Hill, a 4th-grade teacher at Gage Elementary.

The students want to offer Landon their friendship throughout his radiation treatment.

Several students shared their letters to Landon:

Jamilla Ahmed: "I hope you get better. I also have a cousin that is going through the same thing as you, and I was wondering if I can be your friend?"

Rebecca Bennett: "I think he'll feel better and happy when we put these and give them to him because he'll feel like there are friends nearby."

Mabok Mabok: "We knew you had your friends that were like 800 miles away, so we wanted to be your friends. I hope you feel better and I pray that you have a good trip back to North Dakota."

Hill says it's the kids who can be part of any solution and be the real change in the world.

"They go around to each other at the end of the school day some days and say, 'you're awesome' pass it on. And, they start this pass it on game of making sure everybody here leaves feeling they're amazing."

Landon's mother shares in an online journal after the biopsy that the surgery went as planned, and that Landon still displays a love for life despite the overwhelming obstacles ahead of him.