Drone delivers refreshments to a local golf course

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GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live)- Technology may be coming to a golf course near you.

King's Walk in Grand Forks is the first golf course in the United States to use a drone for deliveries.

With a click of a button, golfers at King's Walk Golf Course will get a food and a non-alcoholic beverage delivered to them within a minute using a drone.

"With an app based system, a person can place an order anywhere on the course and select their delivery location and the restaurant just has to launch the drone to go to that delivery location," says Wes Shover, Head of U.S. Operations of FlyTrex.

It's right on par with Grand Forks being a leader in the UAS industry already.

"I guess I would never expect anything less from the city of Grand Forks," says Brent Eliason, Owner of Ease Drones.

The drone flies at 220 feet above ground, and it delivers the goods to the eagerly waiting customer.

"You would expect the millennial's to be more excited, but it's often the older crowd that's actually smiling bigger," says Eliason.

FlyTrex hopes to respark the attractiveness of golf to the youth, and revolutionize the traditional sport by bringing something new to one of the oldest sports.

"This is going to help with tourism, it's going to help with just the restaurant being able to service more people. But you can also offer more food," says Shover.

Shover says when you golf you can't hear the drone operate, and it's cheaper then using a beverage cart to deliver goods to people playing on the course.
Shover also says that the best part of this drone delivery system might be the cost. The app is free for the as well as delivery, food and drinks would be extra, which is par for the course.

King's Walk Golf Sourse will start using this drone delivery system to a specific location on the course Saturday.

Its hoped to allow for deliveries all over the course.