'Condom Snorting Challenge,' latest dangerous trend sweeping the web

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- If you have a teenager, listen up. There's a new viral challenge that some are calling, a parent's worst nightmare. It's called, ‘condom snorting.’ It's just as it sounds, teens are sniffing condoms through their noses and having them come out of their mouths.

"It blew me away because that thing was unexpected and it's crazy," says NDSU Student, Mohammad Elschirf.

It's the latest viral challenge that could have some serious health consequences. Sniffing a condom up your nose and pulling it out of your mouth. No, this is not a joke.

"There's a lot of consequences. You don't know if you can die from it or not. It's not something safe to try," says Elshirf.

Elschirf is not far from wrong. If you don't know this yet, Dr. Paul Carson says nothing should ever go up your nose.

"This idea of snorting something, a large foreign body up into your nose, runs the risk of actually aspirating it into the airway and causing blockage to breathing and potentially choking or suffocating," says NDSU Professor of Public Health, Dr. Paul Carson.

That's not all. Snorting something like a condom can lead to nose bleeds, infections, and even allergic reactions. But this isn't the first time an internet challenge has become dangerous. People are still talking about the Tide Pod challenge.

"It should be intuitive that these are bad ideas to do this sort of things but there have been actual substantial harm in people that have been injured by them and you should be aware of that," says Carson.

Dr. Carson and other health professionals are urging teenagers to not partake in this challenge or any other viral trend that is harmful to your health. The condom snorting challenge first started back in 2013, but in the past few days, it regained attention from teens.