Another West Acre Mall store closes as Simply Mac shuts down

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West Acres mall announced today that computer store Simply Mac will shutdown. A mall spokesman tells Valley News Live that store is shutting down because Apple is ending its agreement with the company. Simply Mac specialized in Apple branded products and related items.

This latest closure announcement comes on the heels of several high profile stores that have shut down in recent weeks. Sears also recently announced they would be leaving West Acres.

Good Afternoon –

We wanted to reach out to you with news of another change at West Acres. As of today, Simply Mac has closed. Simply Mac opened at West Acres in August 2014 and we’ve enjoyed having them as part of the West Acres family. The closure is due to the Apple Corporation ending its national agreement with Simply Mac to sell them Apple product, making it impossible for them to continue. They will be onsite for a few days to help with customers who have repaired items to pick up. In regards to the space, we already have a tenant in mind that has been seeking just such a location.

Below please find a recent letter from our CEO, Brad Schlossman, that was penned for West Acres’ blog about the changes happening at West Acres and the exciting things that are to come in 2017.


We’re only 18 days in and already 2017 has proven it is going to be a year of exciting change at West Acres! As we look ahead to the remaining 347 days, and the years to come, we are enthusiastic. It is a time of great change, but it is also a time of great opportunity. Change is what propels us forward and gives us the ability to improve for you, our customers.

Throughout the mall’s life there has been constant change – stores come and go, they change names, and they relocate. If you pick a point in time and look back 10 years, 1/3 of our stores close and 1/3 change (ie. move, are sold or are rebranded) which leaves only 1/3 remaining the same. In the retail and shopping center industry, change is the norm. Just as trends change, so does the retail landscape.

Meanwhile, the last four years have been remarkably stable at West Acres, making new store announcements few and far between. That leads us to today. Because we saw abnormally low change in recent years, we’re seeing a lot of turnover now all at once. This presents us with a unique opportunity for growth at levels we haven’t been able to do since the expansion of the JCPenney wing in 1979. This turnover is how a mall grows, even without getting bigger, and it is how the customer wins – having more variety and better products and services.

Although these changes bring about the opportunity for exciting new stores, we understand that change can also be hard, especially for those that may be losing their job or perhaps one of their favorite stores. The good news is that the FM employment market, including retail positions, is strong. Current stores are hiring and the new stores that come in will be building entire teams. Additionally, it is our goal to bring in new stores that will become a favorite of our customers (if they aren’t already!).

We are pleased to be able to report that every one of our vacant spaces has something brewing, and there is a long list of stores that want to be at West Acres. The leasing process can take time, but the end result will be worth the wait! We look forward to making announcements starting in the very near future and throughout this upcoming year about the various new stores and exciting projects that are in the works. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions of stores that you’d like to see at West Acres, we’d love to hear them! After all, we are here to serve you, our customers, and to ensure that our mix of stores and the West Acres experience is the best possible to fit your needs.

Brad Schlossman – CEO