Doug Burgum projected to be Governor of North Dakota

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Businessman, entrepreneur and Republican Doug Burgum is projected to be North Dakota's new Governor.

Burgum ran against Democrat Marvin Nelson and Libertarian Marty Riske. With 39 precincts reporting, Doug Burgum and running mate Brent Sanford have 13,334 votes, or 80.03%.

Marvin Nelson and Joan Heckaman have just over 17% and Marty Riske and Joshua Voytek have nearly 3% of voters' support.

Burgum, 59, has said he would give his Governor's salary back to the taxpayers and is not interested in being a career politician.

"At all times it is important to remember when the government is spending money, it's not their money, it's your money being spent," Burgum said during his victory speech. "We owe it to you to ensure that your money is spent efficiently and effectively as possible in a way that does the most good for the most people! cheers."

Burgum and Lieutentant Governor Brent Sanford take office December 15th.

They did not speak with media Tuesday evening, but do have a press conference planned for Wednesday afternoon, which valley news live will stream.