Congressman Kevin Cramer wants hearings into media bias regarding presidential campaign

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North Dakota congressman Kevin Cramer says enough is enough and has informed the heads of all of the major TV networks that he plans to seek hearings on media bias. Cramer submitted a letter to officials at ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX asking questions about how they have treated the candidates, particularly Donald Trump, in this election cycle. In the letter Cramer cites polling data that shows that the public believes the media is show bias in their coverage. From the letter:

"As a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce with subcommittee assignments to Communications and Technology and Oversight and Investigations, I am writing to inform you that I intend to request a hearing to explore network media bias in coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign. A recent Gallup poll indicates that Americans' trust and confidence in the mass media - to report the news fully, accurately and fairly- has dropped to 32 percent, its lowest level in polling history. Last week, a poll released by the Associated Press also found that 56 percent of likely voters think the media is biased against Republican nominee Donald Trump while just 37 percent say the coverage of the race is mostly balanced. Furthermore, a Harvard University study this summer reported that Donald Trump coverage went from 57 percent positive and 43 percent negative during the early Republican primaries to 61 percent negative and 39 percent positive after Trump defeated his last Republican rivals. With the most recent RealClearPolitics poll average showing Hillary Clinton at 45.3 points to Donald Trump at 42.7 points, your broadcast news networks - who utilize federal spectrum to conduct their operations - have a moral obligation to provide balanced, unbiased news coverage for the American people."

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