Fargo City Commissioner striking out on his own to get answers

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live): It seems one Fargo City Commissioner is forging ahead on his own to get answers. The refugee resettlement program once again came before the city as Commissioner Dave Piepkorn asked for an audit of Lutheran Social Services and the program as a whole.

We’ve told you about Commissioner Dave Piepkorn wanting answers as to just how much the refugee resettlement program is impacting our wallets. But now it seems he is going to strike out on his own.

“I would rather not do it on my own. But that's what we're going to do and to me I just want to find out the facts,” said Piepkorn.

Commissioner Piepkorn said he had no idea he could ask the State Auditor on his own, adding he didn’t get the answers he wanted the last time this was before the Commission. He said since then, he’s taken many phone calls, but most of the callers want to remain anonymous.

"And to me that's not a good sign when people are in fear,” said Piepkorn.

"Of course I was surprised to see this on the agenda actually. After three weeks we've been discussing this and last week I thought we created a process to move forward with the human relations commission,” said Commissioner John Strand during the discussion.

At a previous meeting, the City Commission voted to send the issue down to the Human Relations Commission, and have them compile and present the information in February.

“I think that's more of a getting everyone to feel good about things and I’m more interested in the financial facts. I believe it's going to be like peeling back an onion. I believe there's many layers,” chuckled Piepkorn.

So now, Commissioner Piepkorn will ask the State Auditor to look into LSS and the program as a whole, finding out where the money is going.

It was also brought up that Eide Bailey does an audit of LSS, the same company that audits the City of Fargo, and Commissioner John Strand told Piepkorn all he had to do was call and get the results.