Who was Dahir Adan, the man praised as a "soldier of the Islamic State"?

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live): An act of terrorism at a Minnesota mall, and we’re learning the man responsible lived right here in our own backyard for some time. Federal law enforcement has identified him as Dahir Adan, and Valley News Live has obtained documents showing where he lived in the Fargo area. This was before he moved to St. Cloud to attend university. So just who was the man praised by ISIS as being “a soldier of the Islamic State”?

“He just charged me with a knife and said “are you a Muslim, are you a Muslim?” recounted one shaken man as he emerged from the Crossroads Center Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Dahir Adan worked as a security guard at one time, and was a student at St. Cloud State University, a spokesperson saying he hadn’t actually been enrolled in months. Federal authorities raided an apartment where Adan lived, looking for clues. A Facebook search yielded little results Monday as it appears the social media site removed any profiles registered to him. Adan’s own father first identified him as the attacker, telling media he was born in Kenya, but is of Somali descent.

Documents obtained by Valley News Live show 22-year-old Adan’s social security number was issued by North Dakota sometime between 1995 and 1998, meaning he was anywhere from 1-to-7 years old when he arrived in the U.S. This means too that he was radicalized here in the states.

Upon checking out the first address listed in the Fargo area for Dahir Adan, the people who answered the door said they didn’t know anyone by that name. The next registered address was in West Fargo. The family who answered the door said Adan used to live there, but moved to St. Cloud back in 2007. Nobody answered at the other address listed in south Fargo.

We asked Lutheran Social Services, the refugee resettlement agency here in Fargo, if Dahir Adan and/or his family had come through the agency. They replied “It is the standard practice at all social service and health care organizations not to disclose, without consent, the names of anyone who seeks services from the organization, regardless of the nature of the services provided.”
Furthermore, if Adan was resettled in the Fargo area as a refugee, it would have been before LSS took over the program from the state.

It’s unclear if local law enforcement are aiding the federal investigation into what caused Dahir Adan to walk into the Crossroads Center Mall and start waving a blade around.