300 dogs found dead and frozen to the ground in Turtle Mountain, North Dakota

TURTLE MOUNTAIN, N.D. (Valley News Live) It’s a post that’s being shared hundreds of times on Facebook. But it’s the picture of one “unlucky soul” that’s shocking many online.

Keith and Kim Benning are the Founders of Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue. Kim says that there have been 300 dogs found frozen to the ground this year after the spring thaw.

Keith is a Deputy in the area and Kim works as an ER Nurse Practitioner.

In the organization’s Facebook post, it talks about the photo of the frozen dog, “He reminds me of a dog from my childhood, “Snowy” and I am instantly brought to tears at the thought. Kim says she was there when that photo was taken.

Here’s how the rest of the post reads:

“This one, what was his life like, how old was he, was he ever loved once, even for a day? Or did he somehow revert from domesticated back to his wild ancestor and only care about survival? Even then, survival is never a solitary thing; was anyone ever by his side, even for a day? I fear that what I imagine his life to be is actually much less harsh than the incredibly cold life he lived. On an ignored square of land 31 miles by 31 miles, tragedy is hidden until the snow melts. Today the snow is melting. Zero dogs rescued. Spring is upon us and so it begins again. Those left in the reproductive cycle will have puppies, lots of puppies. The solution? Rescue. Surrender. Spay & Neuter. Resources to do all of the above. Tomorrow we will keep on.”

Kim tells Valley News Live that, “Dogs roam the sides of the road for food thrown from cars. Sometimes in winter they get too tired or cold and lay down and die.”

If you want to help, Keith and Kim Benning have set up a GoFundMe account. We’ve attached that link to this story.