3-year old raises more than $1,000 in lemonade stand for Haisley Jo

Published: Sep. 1, 2017 at 4:46 PM CDT
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Just recently turned 3-year old Bentleigh West poured cup after cup of lemonade along with serving cookies and muffins all in the window of her little house at JT Lawn Service.

"I'll make your lemonade first," said Bentleigh prior to taking a woman's money.

Bentleigh has a summer bucket list that she has been working on.

"Thank you. There you go hun," said a man handing over money.

"Thank you" said Bentleigh.

Two of her last items were have a lemonade stand and catch a butterfly.

Bentleigh's mom felt this was the perfect opportunity to check off an item and teach her daughter a life lesson.

"We thought we would pair it with something that could be bigger, so do something small that could potentially be big for somebody else," said Marissa West.

West said they did explain to their young daughter where the money is going and Bentleigh even offered to share her own mom with Haisley.

"Why are you giving the money to Haisley Jo?" asked the reporter.

"Because she doesn't have a mommy," said Bentleigh.

Customers came in the rain, even the competitors just a block away, rode in on their mowers.

"There is no competitiveness when it comes to family, when stuff like that happens its not, businesses don't need to be competitive in my mind," said Bryan Walker of FM Property Pros.

"I think she understands what it is all about," said Bill Forbes of Moorhead.

Bentleigh, like most three-year olds, did part take in the fun with eating one or two of her muffins. In the end, Bentleigh's lemonade stand raised more than $1,000, which will go to the U.S. Bank fund.

As we told you, Savanna Greywind's mom and dad, along with her boyfriend are now able to see the baby girl, Haisley Jo. She's healthy, and we're told looks just like Savanna.