24-hour construction begins in Moorhead

MOORHEAD, MN (Valley News Live) - It's construction season and for most projects that means hard work during the day with a break once the sun goes down.

However, for the construction on the 21st Street Underpass in Moorhead, that isn't the case.

Crews will be working 24-hours a day, five nights a week, for the next three weeks.

City engineers say this is a huge project looking to improve efficiency and safety as drivers no longer have to cross over the railroad tracks.

With this being a busy area for traffic and a project that is taking a lot of manpower, they are hoping by working the extra hours to complete the construction as soon as possible, with the goal being this year.

However, working through the nights also comes with some drawbacks as there are many residents that live in this area. Some say they are excited about the improvements but just hope they can sleep through the night. The city says they are doing everything they can to reduce the amount of noise so people can still catch some zzz's.

"The night construction only applies to excavation," said Tom Trowbridge, Assistant City Engineer. "They won't be doing any other work at night. Things that the contractor can do are the truck routes, the trucks that are hauling the clay out, they will drive forward. They will drive in and avoid having to back up so they dont make the beeping noise."

Also, contractors have changed out the devices that make those noises to ones that are supposed to be less disruptive.

The overnight construction will be going on until the end of the month.