229 cars towed, 751 ticketed amid Minneapolis snow emergency

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – City officials in Minneapolis say 229 cars were towed and 751 were ticketed Monday night after a snow emergency went into effect in the wake of a snowstorm that dumped a foot of snow on the Twin Cities.

Towed cars in the City of Lakes are taken to the Minneapolis Impound Lot on 51 Colfax Ave. N. It is open 24 hours during snow emergencies.

People whose cars were towed are responsible for paying for the cost of towing and a ticket fee. The total cost is generally north of $100.

On Tuesday, Minneapolis began Day 2 of its snow emergency, which means drivers should not park on the even sides of non-snow emergency streets.

On Wednesday, parking will be prohibited on the odd side of non-snow emergency streets.

Monday’s snowstorm was the biggest the Twin Cities had seen in seven years. It left around a foot of snow in the metropolitan area and up to 16 inches in parts of south central Minnesota.