Tornadoes touch down near Wahpeton, ND

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(Valley News Live) -- Severe weather leads to two tornadoes touching down across North Dakota and Minnesota Tuesday afternoon.

One of the tornadoes was reported in three miles north of Breckenridge, Minnesota and other was located seven miles southwest of Wahpeton, North Dakota.

Valley News Live received various photos and videos of funnel clouds forming in the sky. The system brought strong winds and very heavy rain.

We drove through Wahpeton Tuesday afternoon and into the night but didn't see any reports or signs of damage in the area, but we did run into a mother that saw everything first hand.

"Sun shining and all of the sudden my daughters phone goes off 'mom there's a tornado coming,' and I'm like oh my gosh so we were in Breckenridge and came over here and all of a sudden there's funnels out there, over here, funnel clouds over there," said Tara Keister, a mother from Wahpeton. "And just it was just really scary. So we had to have our friends come from over there cause they don't have any shelter, so everybody came to our house."

The mother we spoke with is actually from Kansas and says shes experienced tornadoes first hand. She says that when there's a tornado warning, its safest to stay inside go to a room furthest away from the windows.