Dream vacation put on hold because of coronavirus pandemic

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) Two Minnesota women had a dream vacation planned for Las Vegas, which suddenly came to a screeching halt because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sisters Chrissy Noell and Tracy Gonzalez of Badger said they booked the trip last year for a five-day event dedicated to Rockabilly music

“My friend...said, oh you have to go to this event,” Gonzalez said.

The coronavirus outbreak quickly changed their plans.

“We had no control over this, you know,” Noell said. “This is something that just happened. We're upset needless to say because we have spent money and time.”

An itinerary provided to Valley News Live by the sisters showed their flights departing April 8th from Hector International Airport in Fargo.

They were flying on Allegiant Airlines. This week the airline announced it was significantly reducing its flight schedule.

Noell said she was upset the voucher she received for cancelling had to be used by February of 2021 when the event was scheduled was for April of that year.

“It's not okay and we deserve better, you know,” Noell said. “They're going to get bailed out from what we understand so help us out.”

Allegiant Spokeswoman Sonya Padgett stated in an email due to the extraordinary times, the company would be flexible, which was good news to Noell.

“I did make the phone call and wasn't able to get any results. And look, just like that, you got results. Thank you,” Noell said.

She said they’re already planning for next year’s Rockabilly event in Las Vegas.

According to Allegiant, Noell must call customer care for her voucher extension. The airline declared an expiration date on the voucher by using the flight’s original booking date.