13 year old says he's repeatedly been called the 'N-Word' at Ben Franklin Middle School

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A 13-year-old boy says he was repeatedly called the ‘N-Word’ in school.

His parents reached out to us on our Whistleblower Hotline. They claim that Ben Franklin Middle School in Fargo didn't do enough to punish the student who called their son a racial slur.

And they say it's not just a racism problem in our community, rather in our country.

"I was just really really mad," Naazir Wright says.

He was home from school today and will be for the rest of the week.

"I don't think anybody should be called that word. It just wasn't right that they didn't do anything about it,” says Naazir.

He says he was called the 'N-Word' by another student last month.

His mother, Deaneisha says, "Something should've been done the first time."

And then two more times this week at school by the same student.

His father, Larry mirrors his mother’s frustration.

"The kid came back the next day and did the same exact thing and called him the same 'N-Word'."

Although the student has been temporarily suspended, Deaneisha says it took too long for the school to react and it should not be tolerated at all.

"Who's to say the next black kid that goes to that school is going to end up going through that same exact thing because of the kid that love to say the 'N-Word' the name that he shouldn't be using," Larry says.

But Naazir's mom and dad agree: This incident isn’t just a problem at school.

"It's 2017 and this has been going on for years,” Deaneisha says. “Before my son was even born. And I try to teach them that it's not okay, it doesn't matter the age, the race, don't let no one say that to you, ever."

Larry says it’s about education.

"Parents have to talk to their kids. It's a lot of parents that actually don't talk to their kids about these things and it's very important. How else are we going to stop it?"

Deaneisha says the school has asked her to file a complaint. She's in the process of transferring Naazir and his sister to different middle school. While the district cannot comment on a specific case, a spokesperson did say administration at Ben Franklin Middle School is aware of the situation and is working with students and families.