120-pound sturgeon may be 'biggest fish ever caught' in MN

Published: Feb. 14, 2019 at 7:09 AM CST
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A 120-pound sturgeon caught by an ice fisherman over the weekend may be the biggest fish ever caught in Minnesota.

Darren Troseth tells KARE 11 news partner Minnesota Public Radio News that he pulled the 78-inch, 120-pound sturgeon out of the St. Croix River while ice fishing Wednesday. It's 5 inches longer than the current catch-and-release record holder, and about 26 pounds heavier.

Troseth estimated that the fish may have been 70 years old.

The DNR is examining photos and measurements of the catch to determine whether it will officially break the record.

Troseth used fathead minnows and nightcrawlers to catch the fish on Saturday.

"As a guy that's caught a lot of these, I've seen many big ones," he told MPR News. "As soon as it appeared the first time, below the hole, my jaw dropped. I'd never seen anything that big before. I knew we were going to have to drill more holes."