10 year old West Fargo boy starts treatments for aggressive brain cancer

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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) Can you imagine having radiation treatments five days a week - for six weeks? It would be tough on an adult, but that is what 10 year old Landon Solberg is doing. And, he is not complaining or missing school!

Valley News Live first introduced you to Landon Solberg before the Bison Football Championship game in Frisco.

The West Fargo fourth grader was waiting for an official diagnosis when we first talked to him on what doctors feared was an aggressive brain tumor. Shortly after our first story aired, doctors confirmed that Landon has cancer.

Bison Nation has rallied around the young fan by showing their support through video messages and inviting him to both NDSU football and basketball practices.

Landon is not letting cancer slow him down. He doesn't like missing school and says, "I try to be a good kid. I think it is harder to be mean than it is to be nice."

His teacher, Morgan Julius, says, "He is such an amazing kid. He just brightens the room when he comes in. He makes everyone feel better. He brings a great attitude to the classroom."

Landon has had to miss class. He has been doctoring a lot, because of the his debilitating headaches, which turned out to be an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Landon says doctors are still trying to figure out what stage his cancer is at. He says it is not stage 1 or 4, but it could be 2 or 3.

Landon's best friend, Kye Schlichting, says they miss Landon when he is gone.

Schlichting says, "We were all bummed out he wasn't here everyday... we made him cards. We just wanted him back."

Landon is back in class, but he has more than just homework after school. 5 days a week, for 6 weeks... he is spending at Roger Maris Cancer Center.

Doctors have done as much as they can with surgery. Now, they are doing radiation to hopefully shrink the tumor or at least stop it from growing.

Andrea Solberg says her son has never complained. She says he is happy that he can do it after school, so he doesn't have to miss out on class. She says, "I am proud to be his mom everyday."

Radiation has been hard on Landon physically and emotionally hard on the family.

Andrea says, "the hardest part is when they close the thick door. The whole room is surrounded by 6 feet of concrete. And, my son is in there. It is terrifying to think of the potential damage it is doing."

Doctors have told the Solbergs this form of cancer doesn't usually respond to radiation or chemo. And, the prognosis is not good. but, they say they can't -- not try.

Andrea says she cries often thinking about it, but she finds strength in Landon's faith.

She says, "he said to me... everyone's time has to come at some point, mom. Maybe God may want me when I am 11. To hear that... no parent knows how to respond... or emotionally get through it."

You can follow Landon's story through his CaringBridge page. We have also added links to his GoFundMe page.