Banquet in a Field 2016

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My wife Ajit and I had a chance to experience a, "Slice of Heaven," Tuesday night at an event called "Banquet in a Field." It is put on by an organization called Common Ground to help people connect with their food and their farmers. It is a very, very special event and I feel blessed to have been a part of it. Both my wife and I would like to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE that had a hand in putting this event together, and giving us an opportunity to connect with our state's AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL ag producers. We cannot THANK YOU enough for your hard work and the risk that you take every day to bring us our food...from my heart to yours...THANK YOU!

Here is a short video from last year's Banquet in a Field, and next time you see a farmer, please, say, "THANK YOU," to them for all that they do.

Also, here are some pics from the event. If you would like to see more simply search #NDBanquet16 on Twitter.