UPDATED w/ VIDEO - SPECIAL REPORT: You Are Paying Taxes to Have Immigrants Underemploy Your Kids

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A couple of weeks ago, I did an interview with Grand Forks Mayor Michael Brown to discuss the Grand Forks Immigration Integration Initiative meeting that took place on July 21st. Some people that attended told me there were talking about a program at Northland Community and Technical College called, “Manufacturing Certificate Programs for New Americans.” You will notice at the bottom of the flyer the program is partially funded by a grant (your tax dollars) awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.

You can see here on a picture of the flyer that was handed out in the Grand Forks meeting that they will receive:

81 hours to learn English skills, math and measurement, and basic computer skills.

9 hours of resume writing and interview training

63 hours of general industry related skills

I visited with Jame Retka, Dean of Workforce and Economic Development, at Northland Community and Technical College. He told me the grant is part of a 12 school MN Advanced Manufacturing Partnership led by South Central College. Northland Community and Tech was awarded a Federal Grant for $600,000 to fund 4 years of the New American Manufacturing Training Program.

So you and I get to spend our tax dollars on training non-U.S. citizens to take our jobs at a lower wage. Some of you may be saying to yourself, there is a labor shortage in our community. We need to train people to fill these jobs. That is true, and why should we pay to train people to lower our wages? For those of you that dispute that our wages are lowered, look at what was stated in the Regional Workforce Study done by the Fargo Moorhead Chamber and the Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation.

"Regional wages are lower than the nation’s. In spite of past and anticipated employment growth and the tight labor market, the region’s wages still lag the nation’s, particularly in more skilled occupational categories. The regional median hourly earnings is $18.10, which is 10 percent lower than the national median hourly earnings of $20.06. As shown in Figure 6, lower wage occupational groups are more on par or even higher than the national median. However, many of the higher wage occupations earn more than 20 percent less than the national median. For example, in the computer and mathematical occupations, the median hourly wage is 27 percent less than that of the United States. The median hourly wage for scientists and engineers is 23 percent less. Even taking into account the lower cost of living in the region, these wages are considerably low."
Regional Workforce Study - June 2015

So the universities to get to fatten their bottom line with more of our tax dollars, while your kids suffer from college debt. Your kids are underemployed, because we are training people to take their jobs for a lower wage, while the corporations get a bigger bottom line.

And people wonder why white, working men are voting for Donald Trump at almost 2X the rate of Hillary Clinton. According to a New York Times/CBS poll taken two weeks ago, Donald Trump is at 55 percent with white, working men, while Hillary Clinton is at 29 percent.

Check out what some people were saying on the Point of View Facebook Page recently about this job training program: