Wild temperature swings lead to a slightly cool winter

Temperatures were up and down all winter. At times temperatures were well above normal, and other times temperatures were well below normal. At the end of the winter, averaging all temperatures, the winter was slightly below normal.

At Fargo's Hector International Airport, we spent the first half of December with temperatures well above normal. Some days were 10-20 degrees above normal. Temperatures then plummeted by mid-December and stayed well below normal for the second half of the month. There were days, especially in the last week of the year, where temperatures were as low as 25 degrees below normal. This meant that some days highs did not get above -10.

We spent most of January with above normal temperatures, There was one exception of the middle of the month where we a brief cold snap with below normal temperatures. February gave us temperatures well below average for almost the entire month. We were slightly warm for a few days in the middle of the month.

If you average all the high and low temperatures through the winter season, which runs from December to February, we were 1.6 degrees below average for the winter.