Why did Kevin Cramer say the Standing Rock injunction is about climate change?

The underground Dakota Access Piipeline would transport 470,000 barrels of crude oil a day, which would be sent to markets and refineries in the Midwest, East Coast and Gulf Coast regions, according to Energy Transfer Crude Oil Co.
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On 6:30 POV, there is one thing we value above all else: truth. We believe it is our job to always tell the truth and to always hold our public officials accountable for the truth as well.

On Monday, August 22nd, North Dakota’s lone Congressman, Kevin Cramer, appeared on 6:30 POV to discuss, among other things, the Dakota Access Pipeline. The full video is included above.

During the interview, Rep. Cramer explains his opinion that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has a “legitimate location issue.” Meaning he believes their case has merit in the argument about where the pipeline is supposed to be located in proximity to the Standing Rock Reservation.

However, he then goes on to say (right around the 1:35 mark) that when the SRST make arguments about climate change and global warming, that those filings “greatly diminish the case.”

Now, if you watch earlier on in the interview, Rep. Cramer states that he has read the filing in its entirety (at 1:12).

I’ve also read the injunction. And you can too, as I’ve attached it here.

After one read through and multiple searches, I cannot find a single reference to climate change. I used a “Ctrl+F” search of the words “climate,” “change,” “global,” and “warming.” Not one of those words was mentioned even a single time. Then I did a search for the word “environment,” just to cover my bases.

That word is mentioned quite a few times - 34 to be exact. Most of the time when it’s brought up, it’s in reference to harmful effects the pipeline could have on water resources, but that’s an issue completely separate of climate change.

I can’t say why Rep. Cramer thinks the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is against the Dakota Access Pipeline because of climate change when they have made no official statements claiming to be. What I can say is that he needs to do a better job reading, or at least interpreting, legal filings. The congressman is an elected official who has a duty to tell the truth to his constituents and others. When he makes an error like this, many people who haven’t read the injunction will believe him, which isn’t fair to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and isn’t fair to you.

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