Which presidential candidate would be the best Commander in Chief?

In tonight's monologue, Chris takes a look at whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would be a better Commander in Chief.


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Tonight's top story. If you had to choose today, who do you feel would be a better commander in chief? Would it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Good evening, welcome to point of view, I’m Chris Berg, thank you for joining us.

For the first time tonight, Matt Lauer along with veterans of America will be holding a commander in chief forum tonight at 7:00 on MSNBC, basically right after POV. What's going to be down here is back-to-back, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won't be on the stage at the same time, Donald Trump first or Hillary first or however, they're going to be fielding questions predominantly from our veterans and active military personnel. In my humble opinion I believe this forum tonight is critically important for you, for me, for our families, our kids, our grandkids, and I feel that way for really, I mean, there's a myriad of reasons, but I’m going to talk about this to provide some context.

Fairly recently the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper came out and said, in my 50 plus years in the intelligence business, I cannot recall a more diverse array of challenges and crises than we confront today. 50 years. That is how serious of a situation our next commander in chief is going to face -- going to step into, whoever it may be. So today, NBC news and survey monkey came out with a new poll, surveyed over 32,000 registered voters across the country. Over 3,000 of these were veterans or active military. Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 46 to 42. But when you look at how our veterans and active military would vote for ex commander in chief? Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton by 19 points. To me, that is absolutely shocking. Also, when our veterans and active military were asked how confident are you or not confident are you for Donald Trump to be next commander in chief, 53 percent said they're confident. But veterans when they were asked about how confident or not confident they are in Hillary Clinton’s ability o to be next commander in chief, only 35% of vets in active military said they were confident that Hillary Clinton’s ability to be commander in chief would work for them. That's pretty frightening. If you trust our veterans and active military people's opinions about what it takes to be commander in chief, those numbers obviously are not good. Our veterans and active military are saying this possibly because obviously if you look at Libya, Libya is a complete mess. This place has become a safe haven under secretary Clinton’s watch for terrorist. The birth of ISIS, Trump takes a lot of heat when he talks about Clinton and Obama creating ISIS. Remember, I want don't want to get wonky here tonight, but yourself a favor and look at who actually won a democrat election in Iraq in 2010. It was a secular leader that won that election. The Obama administration did not want to support him. They wanted to support a Shia leader.

I'm asking you this sincerely, the other thing I’m thinking about, what is the biggest accomplishment secretary Clinton has achieved as secretary of state? Is there one country out there that you believe we actually have a better relationship with today, other than maybe Iran, better relationship with today, than before she was secretary of state? If you have some of those answers, please let us know, it's he's toy do, you can always share your point of view here on the show. Another reason our veterans or active military are questioning secretary Clinton’s ability to be next commander in chief are some of her health issues and some of these coughing spasms that she is been suffering for quite some time, but over the past few days. As many of you find out, I’m not a huge Clinton fan. I'm going to show you a clip, this is Secretary Clinton, she was in Cleveland Monday, she was on her new plane talking to her gaggle of press. When I share this with you, it's hard to watch. You watch this for a while and you start, at least I do, you start to feel bad for her, something is going on here with these kind of coughing spasms. Want you to watch this video. This is in Cleveland and also on her new plane in front of the press.


Every team i think about trump i get allergic.

Do you have some water?


Thank you. Coughing. Coughing.

Thank you. Coughing. Coughing.

CB: I mean, that is, to me, tough to watch. You can see that was on her plane. Shortly after that video came out, a picture of the press gaggle, actually surfaced on the internet, you can check that out here. These guys are now wearing these face masks to protect themselves with whatever Hillary Clinton is going for. Right now I’m volunteering to be the next press person in Hillary Clinton’s gaggle so we'll see if I can get a phone call from that. [ laughter ]I got this prop from earlier today, I had to have some fun with it!

Here's the thing I want you to know. Nobody is talking about our potential next president's health because of the reasons Minnesota senator is suggesting. Everybody wants to know is the next person going to be ready to be commander in chief and make very very tough decisions. And yet if you question anything about a coughing spasm or what you see from Hillary Clinton as of late, Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar suggests the reason you're talking about our commander in chief's health is because of this.

Sen. Klobuchar: I've seen her personally, you've seen her personally, Andrea, she is in safe, she is strong. She has a ton of energy and I find this actually quite sexist when these guys are saying this.

CB: Quite sexist.

Our news director did reach out to senator Klobuchar's camp to get a statement. They wanted an off the record comment, our news director said absolutely not. The spokesperson said if you're going to question the senator's health. The senator believes if you're going to question the status of health is always an issue and not in any way gender-based. Since the senator was responding to a statement by Trump campaign chairman, said Hillary Clinton was frail and wobbly, which is clearly not the case. But a second ago she found it quite sexist when guys say it. Oh, wait a second, there's nothing gender-based about questioning a potential president' house. In any event this is a serious, serious situation. I've talked about it before. By 2021, 2023, world war iii will be here. It’s going to happen. I want to leave you with one clip from Donald Trump talking of late his ideas on foreign policy and we'll be wrapping these up.

Donald Trump: Today I’m here to talk to you about three crucial words that should be at the center always of our foreign policy. Peace through strength.

CB: Peace through strength. The old Reaganism.

We'd love to know your thoughts. Who do you feel should be our next commander in chief? Please let us know.

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